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Cooking Classes

Sample Cooking Classes

Culinary 101

A beginner's course on all things cooking. This course includes knife skills, basic cooking techniques and a variety of simple recipes. Perfect for someone with little-to-no experience in the kitchen, but with a passion for food.

Rustic Italian

Learn to make any pasta from scratch, as well as sauces, salads and sides. Italy has a vast and diverse cuisine... With this class, you'll find out why.

French Classics

Find out why all culinary students start out with French cuisine with this crash course on some of the classics.

Taste of Thai

Sweet, savoury, spicy, fresh are just some adjectives used to describe Thai cuisine. This cooking style aims to find balance and contrast with these flavours. A fun and delicious learning experience!

Indian, Exploring Spices

Indian cuisine can seem intimidating at first, but after an explorative lesson in spices and flavour composition, you can easily tackle this delectable cuisine at home.

All Things Cheese

Learn how to make, analyze and pair cheeses from a trained cheese sommelier. With this class, you'll gain a greater understanding and appreciation of our moldy friends.

Dinner Parties 101

Throwing a dinner party, be it for two or twenty, can be a tedious and stressful undertaking. Learn from a trained professional how to make the experience easy and enjoyable. From food to design to music. From preparation to execution, we leave no stone unturned. This class is not over until your guests are settled and satisfied.

Simple Desserts

Desserts can be sweet, but what makes them even sweeter, is when they are prepared at home... with love. From cakes, cookies and soufflés to healthy brownies and flambés, bring new meaning to a "home, sweet, home".

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