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With today's busy lifestyles, having dinner on the table every night can be an arduous task. Eating out can be expensive and, in most cases, is not the healthiest choice. On the other hand, cooking every meal can be stressful and fatiguing. 


Our home catering program takes the burden from your shoulders and provides healthy and diverse meals for any number of days of the week. Each week, you may select from our vast menu of meal choices and our chef will prepare them, portion them and provide simple heat and serve instructions. This way, you can eat everyday like you would at a restaurant, but without the high costs and the inconvenience of going out. It's like owning your own bistro at home.

Looking to cook more at home, cook healthy, excite your passion or throw a party? Our in-home cooking classes are perfect for a range of occasions. 


We cater our classes to adults, couples, children and parties for up to twelve people. Our classes are fun, interactive and educational, making them great for groups of all sizes and ages. We offer a wide-range of themes and cuisines for all skill levels. 


Learn to cook like a real chef, today!

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Cooking Classes


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With a strong background in nutrition, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free cooking, we can provide the necessary guidance and know-how to be able to cook and eat healthy at home. Through informed grocery shopping, weekly meal planning and basic cooking knowledge, you will be able to establish a healthy and adaptable food model for yourself and the whole family.

Meal Planning

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Home Catering

Events & Parties

Romantic dinner for two? Dinner party for twelve? Or is your home the venue for your next special event?


We cater for all occasions with a diverse selection of themes, food and services. Omelet station for brunch? Buffet for Superbowl? French table service for fancy occasions? Birthday party for kids? We adapt to your needs and desires.

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