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Eggs & Omelets Any-Style

Have it any way you like with a wide selection of toppings & fillings

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Sweet and lights delights filled with your choice of fruits, sauces & toppings, made right before your eyes

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Pasta Bar

A vast selection of pasta, sauces & garnishes from the north Venice to the south of Sicily

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Grill, Roast & Carve

Whether it's BBQ season or we're roasting indoors, a carving station is the perfect addition to any feast, featuring an unlimited selection of meats, marinades & garnishes

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Stir-Fry Wok-About

A variety of dishes from various parts of Asia. Your guest picks their combination & we make it a sensation

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Pizza Parlour

You pick the toppings and even roll out your own dough, baked in a matter of minutes & enjoyed in seconds

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Fresh Seafood

Steamed mussels & clams, sautéed shrimp, oysters-on-the-half-shell, seared scallops. If we can catch it, it's all yours

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