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Chef Julian Pancer

Growing up in Moe Pancer's Delicatessen, the family restaurant business, the seeds for being a chef were planted at near infancy. Working in the restaurant since the age of twelve, a passion for food and cooking gained serious momentum.


In 2006, Julian began working in professional kitchens around Toronto and other parts of Ontario. Some notable kitchens were at the Trump Hotel & Tower in Toronto, Sous Chef at Ciao Wine Bar in Yorkville and Head Chef at The Tavern by Trevor. Julian spent three months training in New Orleans and three months training in parts of France, Italy, Greece and Israel. Currently, Julian can be found teaching at The Chef Upstairs, a local culinary school, as well as catering to hundreds of hungry food-lovers around the GTA.


Services provided by Chef Julian are fun,

friendly, professional and memorable;

always leaving clients hungry for more.



The Chef

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